Electrosurgical Unit

  • Large illuminated digital displays
  • Self-test circuits
  • Digital error detection

  • Bipolar/auto bipolar intuitive technology
  • Can recalls the last used power and mode
  • Patient safety features

IDS 310


Anathesia System

  • Simplicity: Easy to use, easy to move
  • Choice: Adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures
  • Patient Centered Ventilation

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Operation Light

  • Truly natural light, correct color
  • LED light similar to Halogen light
  • No eye stress : reduce eye strain with special coating

Crystal Series IXM CR

Clover Series IXM CS・CW・CV

Operation Table

  • Electro Hydraulic system
  • Multi-function operating table
  • Auto return to level mechanism

DR8750, DR2600

Cardio Vascula Operating System

  • Console for 3 to 5 roller pumps
  • Full text messages for alarms and warnings
  • Miniaturized sensor modules utilize 100% SMD technology