Planmed Verity

Brand : Planmed
Origin : EU
Model : Verity
  • world’s first CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) scanner for  weight-bearing orthopedic imaging
  • high resolution, low dose 3D imaging for enhanced fracture diagnostics at point of care
  • head and neck imaging which will add to maxillofacial and dental scans versatility
  • CBCT technology with a flat panel sensor uses Planmeca Ultra Low Dose (ULD) which allows for a significantly lower radiation dose than that of conventional CT scans (MDCT)
  • Planmed Verity OneScan imaging technology allows optimal diagnosis and treatment plan with dedicated patient positioning and automated correction algorithms
  • easy set-up and easy positioning allowing examination of upper and lower extremities including weight-bearing imaging of lower joints and also head and neck examinations