Tapering Off Alcohol vs Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

2 October, 2020

Tapering Off Alcohol vs  Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

If you choose to drink water make sure that you get enough salt for electrolyte balance so that you avoid water intoxication. Some people may also find it easier to just taper off their alcohol use rather than jumping immediately into an abstinence day even if they do not have significant withdrawal symptoms. The mental hospital provides 24/7 medical monitoring to ensure safety and respond promptly to any complications that may arise during the detox process. “Management of moderate and severe alcohol withdrawal syndromes.” September 15, 2023.

What You Get in Professional Treatment

This helps them get past the first and most dangerous phase of quitting alcohol. If an individual has become dependent on a substance, they may experience withdrawal symptoms when quitting cold turkey. Withdrawal can be very dangerous with certain substances, while symptoms vary depending on the substance a person is quitting. If there is one substance people have successfully quit on their own, time and again, it’s cigarettes.

alcohol tapering vs cold turkey

Director of Community Outreach

It is crucial to have strategies in place to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse. Daily drinking can have serious consequences for a person’s health, both in the short- and long-term. Many of the effects of drinking every day can be reversed through early intervention.

  • He received his medical degree in Mexico with further certification from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey.
  • It is sometimes possible to taper your alcohol use at home if your AUD isn’t severe.
  • After graduating high school, he attended college at the University of Coastal Carolina & Salisbury University.
  • This method can lessen withdrawal symptoms, allowing your body to adjust to decreased alcohol levels slowly.

Cold Turkey Method

Prolonged and excessive alcohol consumption can impact your brain, causing changes to the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors. Heavy drinking can lead to a reduction in the sensitivity https://thearizonadigest.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ of your brain to the amount of GABA produced. If you abruptly stop consuming alcohol, your brain may not have enough sensitivity to GABA, which can result in hyper-excitability and withdrawal symptoms.

After several days of 5 glasses of wine, you can reduce that down to 4. Eventually, after a period of time, you will have tapered down to zero drinks. If you’re interested in medication-assisted treatment, medication to curb cravings can be a helpful tool for reducing your consumption. There is help available to you if you or a loved one has a physical dependence or psychological dependence on alcohol. These urges and compulsive behaviors can control your life, but you can take back control.

  • After several days of 5 glasses of wine, you can reduce that down to 4.
  • However, if an individual has a more serious alcohol dependence or wishes to quit a severe drug addiction, going cold turkey can be very dangerous.
  • However, tapering off may be the way to go if you drink heavily or have more than six drinks per week.
  • When you quit drinking cold turkey, your body suffers from a cascade of changes caused by the sudden shift.

Medical Detoxification

alcohol tapering vs cold turkey

It’s important to seek urgent medical care if you experience any of these symptoms. Most people experience the most severe symptoms from about 36–72 hours after stopping drinking. The exact symptoms you experience will depend on factors such as how much alcohol you’re consuming, other medical conditions you have, medications you take, and your body’s response to the taper.

However, even the best-designed tapers can put you at risk for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. For this reason, you should never start an alcohol taper before clearing with your doctor. For example, healthcare providers usually don’t take patients off antidepressants suddenly; rather, they gradually reduce the dosages. A veteran of two branches of the U.S. military, Max is continuing his education in healthcare administration. Max began his career in the addiction field working as a group facilitator and teacher, developing and delivering a successful faith-based curriculum in a long-term residential treatment setting.

Throughout his tenure at The Freedom Center, he has strategically built relationship with referring providers, hospitals and local government leaders. Corey has continued to grow The Freedom Center brand, educate his local community on Substance Use Disorder and become a pillar of the local recovery Sober House community. Corey’s mission is to provide quality behavioral health care to local community members who reach out in need, regardless of their financial situation. Outside of The Freedom Center, Corey enjoys playing golf, hiking and most of all being the best father to his three young boys.

If you go through alcohol withdrawal multiple times, a kindling effect can occur. With kindling, the brain becomes increasingly sensitized to stopping alcohol. In turn, you can suffer from increasingly severe withdrawal symptoms every time you try to stop drinking. The kindling effect refers to the increasing severity of withdrawal symptoms each time you go through alcohol detox.

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