Brand : Shimadzu
Origin : Japan
Model : Trinias unity smart C12

“Real-Time” features that reduce overall procedure time, minimize contrast media injection, and lessen radiation exposure to save valuable resources and increase procedure success.SCORE Stentview is the latest version of Shimadzu’s pioneering dynamic stent-enhancement stent strut’s visibility and removes interfering coronary motion for a more accurate and effective positioning and deployment.

The Trinias’ system design is centered on simplicity and intuitive responsiveness, improving efficiency during procedure. Direct Memory registers clinical angles for auto-positioning using an easy-to-understand control button layout. The versatile C-arm and compact FPD cover enables projections to position the FPD near to the patient so that optimum quality-images can be obtained, effectively minimizing dose with lesser scatter radiation effects to clinicians around.

Effective Dose Reduction techniques such as beam filters, wide range of pulse fluoroscopy, and advanced image processing SCORE PRO Advance ensure minimizing dose while maintaining high image quality.

With Made-in-Japan quality, Trinias design concept is aimed to deliver on the premise to minimize Radiation Dose, minimize Contrast Media and minimize Procedure Time, so that it’s use benefits patients and clinicians